It’s hard!

Another week of training done. It is certainly not easy. In fact, I am finding it hard. I never expected it to be easy but it is at least as difficult as my worst nightmares. The positives are that I am not having much trouble with stamina or tired legs. The problem is with my feet.

Having said that, I completed my training for the week, running 4.70 miles on Monday, 4.92 miles on Wednesday and, finally, the long run on Saturday – 18 miles. At the end of the 18 miles on Saturday, my feet ached like mad and I now have another blister on another toe. I bought these “fantastic”, very expensive marathon socks which were supposed to prevent blisters. They worked fine for the shorter runs (up to 14 miles) so I think I am going to have to smother my feet/toes in vaseline to, hopefully, prevent more blisters from forming. The good thing though is that today, Sunday, my feet no longer hurt, so it’s only a temporary thing.

I have one more week of really hard training, with a 20 mile run on Saturday, then the long run reduces in volume. Can’t wait to get that over and done with.

The figures for this week are that I ran for 5 hours and 26 minutes and covered 27.62 miles.


34 days to go!

Only 34 more days to go. Time is flying by and I’m getting really nervous, but excited as well.

I am following my training plan and, even though I am finding it tough doing the long runs, I have stuck to it and hope it all pays off on the day. I do find the long runs difficult. Firstly I find them boring and, secondly, they take up quite a lot of time. Fortunately it is only one long run a week and this week I ran 16 miles on Saturday. I thought I was never going to finish but now, when I look back, I can say, “well, there’s only 10.2 miles more to complete the marathon”. Of course 10.2 miles after 16 miles is quite a lot but I feel better when I break it down into smaller bits.

My feet were aching quite a bit after my 16 mile run and I now have a huge blister. It is difficult running on calcada (Portuguese pavements which are a little like cobblestones) so I will try to run on the road as much as possible in future.

This week I  spent 5 hours 2 minutes running and covered 25.6 miles.


Back on track

After my setback last week, I was anxious to get back on track. I followed my training plan and achieved everything I was supposed to this week, including my long run of 14 miles on Saturday.

I spent a lot of time analysing everything I had done wrong last week and working out what I had to do to get my enthusiasm and commitment back. Once I had decided my problem was the “high” I had felt after the half marathon, I was able to look forward again.

Before my long run on Saturday, I decided I needed to plan it, as if it was another half marathon. So I woke up at 5.30 am, had my breakfast of porridge and a cup of tea, and just relaxed until it was time to go out for my run two hours later. I also decided that I would need to do circuits which passed my house, so that I could top up with drink every  two miles or so. This worked really well and I will use this system for all the long runs until the taper. Also, for the first time, I listened to music whilst I ran. This helped with the boredom of running 14 miles on my own Рtime passed by more quickly Рor at least I felt it did.

I am really happy to be back on track.

This week I spent a total of 4 hours 18 minutes running and covered 21.81 miles.


A very difficult week!

I had a totally unexpected mental setback after the half marathon. I lost all enthusiasm for running and had a total lack of commitment all week. I believe this was due to having achieved something quite monumental (for me) and it was very hard to motivate myself to continue training. I felt as if I had accomplished my goal – but of course I hadn’t.

I only did two training sessions during the week; the first was a short run (40 minutes) and then a longer one on Saturday. My intention was to run 12 miles on Saturday but I only managed 7.65 miles. I was absolutely distraught and really disappointed with myself. I gave up too easily. OK, I did have a sore toe and it was very hot (I am now in Portugal for the next few weeks) but really that was no excuse.

I have thought long and hard about what I did wrong and how I can get my motivation back. I have decided to completely put the half marathon out of my mind and re-dedicate myself to the London Marathon by thinking of all the people who are supporting and sponsoring me and why I am doing this.




This will be my mantra.

I expect to write a more positive post at the end of this week.