It’s hard!

Another week of training done. It is certainly not easy. In fact, I am finding it hard. I never expected it to be easy but it is at least as difficult as my worst nightmares. The positives are that I am not having much trouble with stamina or tired legs. The problem is with my feet.

Having said that, I completed my training for the week, running 4.70 miles on Monday, 4.92 miles on Wednesday and, finally, the long run on Saturday – 18 miles. At the end of the 18 miles on Saturday, my feet ached like mad and I now have another blister on another toe. I bought these “fantastic”, very expensive marathon socks which were supposed to prevent blisters. They worked fine for the shorter runs (up to 14 miles) so I think I am going to have to smother my feet/toes in vaseline to, hopefully, prevent more blisters from forming. The good thing though is that today, Sunday, my feet no longer hurt, so it’s only a temporary thing.

I have one more week of really hard training, with a 20 mile run on Saturday, then the long run reduces in volume. Can’t wait to get that over and done with.

The figures for this week are that I ran for 5 hours and 26 minutes and covered 27.62 miles.


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