The night before the marathon

12 hours to go! I am in bed but not asleep yet. Really, really nervous.

I have laid all my kit out, my breakfast is also laid out, so all I have to do is get some sleep, eat my breakfast (hopefully porridge for the last time!) and then make my way to the start. It will be an early start as I have just over an hour of traveling to get to my start at Blackheath, then a walk of about 30 minutes to the location of the Prostate Cancer UK photoshoot, and then about 20 minutes back to my start. I will probably have to queue at least twice for the toilet so I think I’ll be pretty busy.

I am feeling positive and very privileged to be able to run in the London Marathon and intend to enjoy it, embrace it fully and soak in the atmosphere, which I expect to be truly amazing.

Thanks to everybody who has sponsored me – I am very grateful to you all.

2 thoughts on “The night before the marathon”

  1. Hi Marilyn,

    Thanks. Denise and I wish you all the luck and hope you do enjoy a great occasion. We will try to watch your progress, so thank you for the information regarding your number etc.

    Our love

    Denise and Robert


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