Training complete!

So now I’m into the final week before the marathon. All the hard work is done and I have to trust that all the hours I have spent training will get me round 26.2 miles in London.

I am unbelievably excited now and can’t wait to get going. I was really looking forward to The Taper but actually it is quite hard to cut back on the running. You do question yourself and wonder if you have done enough. The most I have run is 20 miles and I think whether I should perhaps have done 22 miles. However, I have followed the “First Time Finisher Marathon Schedule” and 20 miles was the maximum required. I will have to trust the experts who put the schedule together.

Last week’s runs were straightforward, nothing more than 70 minutes, so a really light week. I only ran for 2 hours 30 minutes and covered 13.56 miles.

This week my training schedule says:

“You can only do too much this week. Spend your spare time relaxing and leave any household jobs until after the marathon”.

I’m fine about the household jobs! I have also decided not to play golf – that will have to wait until after the marathon as well.

The training schedule also says:

“Look back at your training and see how far you have come. You are ready!”

Therefore I will look back and it will remind me how far I’ve come and what I have learned about running and myself. This will probably be the subject of another blog.

Now I’m off to RELAX.


2 thoughts on “Training complete!”

  1. Less than a week to go and still full of positive thoughts. Will be cheering you on in front of the Tele next Sunday. Love Rita and Don


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