13 weeks to go!

Posted on 19th January 2017

Well, I am now into Week 3 of the First-Time Finisher 16-week Marathon Schedule. So far, so good. Fortunately I decided to start my marathon preparation at the end of May last year just to be ready for this training schedule.

The schedule starts off fairly easily but I can see it is going to get much tougher. This week I have run in snow and rain and, surprisingly, it hasn’t put me off. I am so glad I decided to start my training, albeit slowly, at the end of May last year. This was to get me to what I call “base camp”, the starting point of my marathon training schedule. I can honestly say that on the 21st May 2016 I struggled to run 50 yards. Admittedly I tried sprinting, probably because my only experience with running was as a sprinter when I was at school, 50 years ago! This was the first time I thought: “You’re crazy, there is no way in a million years you are going to be able to do this”. I have since learnt that I have to take things slowly and keep reminding myself that I just want to complete the marathon.

Very early on I found out about Jeff Galloway’s Walk/Run method of training and used that, together with the Runkeeper app on my phone, as my training bible. I am now able to run (not fast) for 40 minutes non-stop, which is in line with the training schedule.

There are days when I think I won’t be able to complete the marathon but then there are days when I am full of confidence and think ….. YES, I CAN.

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