End of Week 3 Training

Posted on 21st January 2017

Today I did my longest run to date – 6.59 miles. This is half of a half marathon, so I’m encouraged because I have entered the Thorpe Park Half Marathon on Sunday 26th February – just over a month to go. It is also the longest I have spent “on my feet” and I feel OK.

I keep thinking back to those early days when I was out of breath in no time at all. When I started running, I just wore my ordinary trainers. Fortunately I received advice from an experienced marathon runner, Linda Rushmere and her husband Paul, who told me the first thing I should do was to buy a proper pair of running shoes. This I did and it made me feel like a “proper” runner. They also cost quite a lot of money so I felt I HAD to carry on running – no turning back now.

I have now done 167 miles in my first pair of shoes and 111 miles in a second pair, which I keep in Portugal.

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