69 days to go!

I can’t believe there are only 69 more days to go. I feel I still have so much to do.

Fortunately Week 6 of my marathon training went well and I am happy with my progress. My training schedule said “This week is when the marathon training kicks in, building more time on your feet, and introducing some mixed paced running to give you that added fitness boost”. And so on Thursday I had to do some tempo running, which comprised 30 seconds tempo run (this is a faster pace workout at a comfortably hard pace) followed by a 2 minute walk, repeated 8 times, plus 20 minutes of easy running. I really enjoyed this because I quite like running at a faster pace and the training session seemed to pass by very quickly. On Saturday I had my long run. It was freezing cold with sleet and snow – my trusty app told me it was 0 degrees but felt like -3 degrees. So I set off in my wooly hat and gloves and pounded the pavements for 9 miles. I must admit that I really didn’t feel like going out but once I was running I am glad I did and very pleased that I completed the week’s workout.

This week I spent 3 hrs. 6 minutes running and covered 15.95 miles.

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