Meet the Experts

Today I attended the “Meet the Experts” event at Central Hall Westminster, London.

As I arrived quite early, I was able to browse the shop selling the official VMLM clothing range. For anyone who knows me well, I couldn’t walk away without buying something. I am the same when I’m in a golf shop – you can be sure I’ll buy something!

Proceedings began with Geoff Wightman (official Race Day commentator) welcoming everyone (there were about 1000 present) and reminding us all that it was 11 WEEKS and 23 HOURS to the start of the VMLM! That doesn’t sound too far away and there’s plenty of training to do before then. Geoff highlighted the common pitfalls to avoid leading up to the marathon and on the day.

Other speakers were:

Hugh Brasher – revealed news about this year’s marathon

Shannon Foudy – the one millionth finisher of the London Marathon

Dr Josie Perry – offered motivational advice to get us over the line

Kerry McCarthy – explained Race Day pacing

Baasit Siddiqui – (star of Channel 4’s Gogglebox) talked about his experiences last year

Martin Yelling – top training coach who gave an excellent talk on how to nail our marathon training

Vassos Alexander – Sports Presenter on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2, shared some entertaining stories

Anita Bean – gave advice about nutrition strategy and hydration (I’ve got to work on this as I don’t think I’ve got it right!)

Sophie Raworth – BBC Newsreader who has run London 5 times. She told us about the time she got her hydration wrong and ended up needing medical treatment for 2 hours at mile 24 before finally completing the marathon.

There were also sports rehabilitation specialists from St Mary’s University available to give free screenings and advice for treating running niggles. Adidas were providing free foot scans and Lucozade Sport were on hand to provide advice about hydration and nutrition strategies during the race.

All in all, a very interesting day. Hopefully I have picked up enough tips and information to see me to the finish line.


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