4 weeks of Training Plan Complete

Posted on January 27th 2017

I’m feeling great because I have completed the first 4 weeks of the 16 Week Marathon Schedule on a high. I ran 8 miles today, the furthest so far and the longest time spent on my feet. And best of all …. I felt good. Of course this is just less than a third of the distance of the marathon but it is a lot further than I was able to run 8 months ago. If I break it down into thirds, it’s a lot easier to convince myself that I can run 26.2 miles. This week I have spent 3 hours 5 minutes running and covered 16.44 miles.

I have been running slightly later in the day – at about 11.00 am. This is because it has been such a cold week, with heavy frost early in the mornings. I am terrified of slipping and injuring myself, which could mean, at worst, an end to my marathon dream or an injury which could put my training on hold for a couple of weeks. I did trip (nothing to do with ice on that occasion) and fall flat on my face at the end of October. I had a few cuts and grazes but I also injured my ribs, which remained painful for over 2 weeks. Fortunately  I was able to continue with my training.

I’m looking forward to attending the Men United Training Day (Prostate Cancer) on Sunday, 29th January. I am sure I will learn more about training, running technique, nutrition and hydration.

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