Men United Training Day

Posted on 29th January 2017

This was held at Prostate Cancer’s UK Head Office in Tooley Street, London. It was an early start as I had to be there by 9.45 am.

We had a full day of “lectures” on the whole marathon experience – training, running technique, nutrition, hydration, what to expect on the day and how to prepare for it. We also had a session about fundraising for Prostate Cancer UK.

Just before lunch there was a running session which I didn’t take part in. I decided that since I had already finished my week’s plan and this was a “Rest” day for me, it wouldn’t have been wise. Rest days are really important for me and I am reluctant to do anything which may jeopardise my training as an injury at this stage would not be welcome.

There will be about 200 people running for Prostate Cancer UK in the London Marathon.

Here is the link to my Virgin Money Giving Page:

Marilyn’s Money Giving Page

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